Frequently Asked Questions


About watchX

watchX is a smartwatch that you build and code. It comes unassembled out of the box. You assemble the watchX first and learn about what makes a smartwatch to function. Later on, you code the watchX with Scratch or Arduino and use what you make in everyday life.

watchX is a tool that helps you learn coding in a very unique way. It is the only product that will make you feel amazing when you use your product. We live in a consume and throw-away world. All electronic devices designed in a way that they become useless within 2 years. watchX aims to raise a generation that isn't afraid of hacking things, fixing electronic devices, and re-using what is already possible to use for more than 2 years! watchX is more than a watch, it is a tool that helps today's generation to build a more sustainable world in the future.

watchX is not like an accessory oriented smartwatch. It’s a smartwatch that you need to build, code, and bring to life. It’s a great tool that helps you get started to coding. You need to assemble the watchX and you need to code the firmware that tells you the time. You can use already available firmware to use watchX till the time you develop your own.

watchX is unique and cool. It has an eye catching design. What makes watchX a great accessory watch is the firmware running inside. You can customize the firmware of your watchX and do amazing tricks that no other smartwatch can do on the market. Please keep in mind that watchX is a tool that helps you get started coding. It’s a smartwatch that you build. You can easily un-assemble the watchX and use it for other development purposes. These features brings a limitation in design such as not being a watchX that is not waterproof, or not having some features that accessory oriented smartwatches on the market. Please keep in mind that watchX is a smartwatch that you build and code. This is an enough feature that makes the watchX coolest smartwatch in the room.

watchX is not waterproof. It has been tested heavily on daily use and none of the test units got any damage. If you put the watchX on a moderate water stream or get into pool with it, it is highly possible that it can get a water damage.

watchX does not have a companion app that delivers phone notifications. We are working on one and hopefully release a companion app by the end of 2021.

Yes it does! watchX is specially designed for people who have no coding experience. We have our own learning management system that helps you get started into coding with step-by-step instructions and lessons. For more information please visit